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We welcome You to visit Khorezm region, a place of birth of ancient Khorezmian civilization with specific unique culture and traditions. Since ancient times our region has been located in the crossroad of international trade and tourism.

You are warmly welcomed by hotels group "ISLAMBEK" to the hospitable land of Uzbekistan. It is located in Khiva - this is where the caravans of The Great Silk Road passed. Visiting the hometown which was founded over 2500 years ago, will not leave your heart indifferent.

Khiva is one of the ancient cities of Central Asia that saved its unique architecture formed in the last two centuries. Khiva is like a fairy-tale town. Capital of Khiva Khanate in the XVII century, it has still retained the exotic flavor of a medieval town which time has not destroyed.  

There is a legend according to which Khiva was founded that time when Shem – the son of Noah – has found the wealth here. People started to call this place Khivak referred to Khiva.  

Khiva – the pearl of the Khorezm oasis impresses one with its beauty. A complete immersion into the past, concentrated and compressed into a comparatively small space enclosed by fortress walls – this is Khiva. Here you can listen to the sounds of past centuries: the shouts of traders, the negotiations of buyers, the noise of crafters’ workshops, the calls for evening prayer.  

In modern Samarkand, amongst a wealth of historical monuments, visitors constantly “fall” from the past to the present, in Bukhara they cross the streets of history from century to century, but in Khiva they are transported to the past “forever” – leaving behind the massive walls of the Ichan-Kala – “a town within a town”.

Not only famous architectural monuments and sights may impress you but also the open heart and the hospitability of the people of Uzbekistan.  

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